My Codevember 2017 Pens

My Codevember 2017 Pens

Codevember is an annual pen-a-day challenge. Participants visit the Codevember site each day, look at the inspiration for the day, and create a “pen” on Codepen using that inspiration.

I participated this year, creating a new pen each day with a small animation or graphic resembling the inspiration phrase.

All of my Codevember pens this year were coded by hand in SVG. And most of them used CSS animations to give them a “drawn” feel or some other sort of quick animation. The link below contains all of them, in order.

View my Codevember collection on CodePen

I really had fun doing these each day. It was fun to see what the day’s inspiration was and challenge myself to illustrate it in whichever way I interpreted. Very creative.

You can see everyone’s Codevember entries at or by browsing the codevember tag on CodePen.