Welcome to the redesigned blog

You’re reading my personal blog. I hope to keep this updated with interesting and useful posts on a regular basis. If you check out some of the other links on the site, you can see that I’m not a stranger to putting my ideas on the web.

The homepage shows the most current blog posts so check back often to see new content. You can always view previous posts by clicking “Older Posts” towards the bottom of the page. If you want to know more about me, click “About Me” at the top of the page. Keep in mind that some parts of this site may still be under construction at the moment, and that the style of the site could change considerably as I’m getting settled in.

Which brings me to the topic of developing this site. My old blog was entirely hosted on GitHub using their “Pages” feature. I took full advantage of Jekyll to make basic development easier. That was my first encounter with Jekyll but not my first encounter with Ruby or Gems. It was easy to use, but I wanted something a little more dynamic. This site is built using the Ghost platform on top of Node.js. Since I found Node, I fell in love with JavaScript all over again. You’ll find many of my projects are built with it.

Anyway, the goal of this blog is to document my problems, solutions, and ideas with various web technologies. I like sharing knowledge so hopefully you will get some use out of this, too.

Happy browsing.

Originally published on my old blog on August 4, 2014.